At Open Agency all tenders are drawn up in close consultation with the Owners' Management Company (OMC). It is the OMC who sets out the quantity and quality of service desired for each contract.

In order to eliminate any ambiguity and put all tenderers on an equal and fair footing we then create a detailed tender document outlining the specific services desired by the OMC for that contract. This simplifies the evaluation process for the OMC. To ensure an open and transparent tender process, all tenderers are asked to return there completed tender documents to our offices in a sealed envelope. Tenders are only opened and reviewed in the company of the OMC members.

Open Agency managing agents are available at all times to advice and guide management companies throughout the tender process.

Open Agency Tender Process

Stage 1:
We consult & advise with the Owners' Management Company (OMC) on what level of service desired in each relevant category.

Stage 2:
Detailed tender documents are drawn up for each service category, so that all tenderers are quoting for the same level of service.

Stage 3:
Tenderers complete tender application form and return to Open Agency offices by registered mail in a sealed envelope.

Stage 4:
All received tenders are only opened and reviewed in the company of the OMC directors.

Stage 5:
Copies of received tenders are then supplied to all OMC members at least 10 days prior to the AGM.

Stage 6:
Tenders are voted on by OMC members at the AGM/EGM, and applicant will need to receive a majority vote in order to be successful.

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