With Open Agency you benefit from open communication, not just through directors and committees, but directly with all residents. We are always developing innovative and eco-friendly means of communication, such as interactive websites, virtual community noticeboards, e-mail, text messaging and social media such as Twitter & Facebook. So you're always kept in the loop!

Open Agency recognises that our clients may have different specific needs. We endeavour to meet these needs where possible in order to accommodate our clients. The Owners' Management Company is the Employer, we the Managing Agent are the employee! The services of Open Agency include but are not limited to the following:

1. 'Community Focused' Activites & Events

2. Accounting Services

3, Corporate Services

4. Insurance Management

5. Estate Management

6. Procurement of Services on behalf of the OMC

7. Emergency Services - Electrical

8. Emergency Services - Plumbing

9. Emergency Services - Lifts

10. Emergency Services - Safety/Security

11. Emergency Services - Miscellaneous

1. 'Community Focused' Activities & Events
We believe that at the heart of all happy and functioning communities is community spirit. With the permission of your Management Company, Open Agency will hold the following activities and events in your community for all residents. The purpose of these events is to nurture and support community spirit. Resident participation in the organisation of these events is welcomed.
• Community Fun Day
• Annual Children's Art Competition
• Community Christmas Tree
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Community Garden / Vegetable Patch

2. Accounting Services:

  • To prepare an estimate in respect of annual service charges in accordance with section 18 of the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011, for consideration by the OMC.
  • To calculate the service charges for each unit based on the budget adopted by the OMC and the apportionment detailed in the leases.
  • To issue each unit owner with a statement of demand for service charges together with a copy of the approved budget and the calculations used to arrive at the charge
  • payable by each unit owner (including a breakdown of amount due for current financial year and any arrears balance brought forward from prior years).
  • To advise the OMC on the establishment of a sinking fund in accordance with section 19 of the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011.
  • To apportion the amount of contribution, payable by each unit owner, in accordance with section 19 of the Multi-Unit Development Act 2011 and regulations made thereunder.
  • To issue each unit owner with a statement of demand for sinking fund contributions together with the calculations used to arrive at the contribution payable by each unit owner (including a breakdown of amount due for current financial year and any arrears balance brought forward from prior years).
  • To collect service charges and sinking fund contributions approved by the OMC
  • To administer the issuing of reminders for service charge and sinking fund payments as directed by the OMC.
  • To administer the imposition of penalties for late payments as directed by the OMC where permissible.
  • To answer queries from unit owners on service charges and sinking fund contributions.
  • To prepare a report when requested for the OMC directors on overdue accounts.
  • To arrange for the collection of arrears, from whenever they arise, as directed by the OMC.
  • To provide receipts for all cash received
  • To provide, on request by a unit owner, the unit owner with annual statement of unit owner's services charges payments and sinking fund contributions.
  • To administer the OMC's finances in accordance with the provisions of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 and regulations made thereunder.
  • To provide reports on all income and expenditure for the OMC.
  • To reconcile bank statements and provide reconciliation reports to the OMC.
  • To pay invoices for goods and services in accordance with the approved service charge budget on behalf of the OMC (other than where the Agent is the payee)
  • Prepare and provide the relevant accounting records for the OMC's accountants and auditors.
  • Respond to accountants and auditors on questions arising from the preparation and audit of the OMC's accounts.

3. Corporate Services:

  • To request contact details of owners in compliance with Section 8(3) of the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011
  • To prepare draft returns, on behalf of the OMC, to the CRO including Annual Return; Change of director/secretary or their registered details; Person ceasing to be a director/secretary; Change of registered office; Change of location of registers and the passing of any special resolutions
  • To provide or make available memorandum and articles of association to unit owners.
  • To arrange unit ownership certificates to new unit owners.
  • To maintain the register of the OMC Unit ownership (in accordance with section 8(3) of the Multi Unit Developments Act).
  • To record and process alleged breaches of lease conditions, covenants or house rules and to report such breaches to the OMC.
  • To attend [state number] directors meetings plus 1 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the OMC per annum.
  • To arrange, under the instruction of the OMC's Company Secretary, the General Meetings of the OMC and prepare, produce and circulate the necessary reports and notices (once approved by the OMC) in accordance with sections 17, 18, 19 and 23 of the Multi-Unit Development Act 2011.
  • To distribute minutes of general meetings to unit owners
  • To prepare supporting material used at meetings (agenda, accounts, reports on the management of the complex or proposed budget).
  • Prepare draft minutes of meetings.
  • To distribute communications to directors/unit owners as appropriate.
  • To maintain records of work carried out, tender exercises and other records related to service provision.
  • To inform unit owners of the terms of the Property Services Agreement and the appropriate means of communication with the Agent
  • Ongoing communication with unit owners and residents.
  • Prepare draft returns to the Revenue Commissioners for the OMC.
  • Carry out the OMC's instructions to comply with its legal obligations.

4. Insurance Management:

  • Identify potential insurance providers/ brokers to provide necessary insurance cover including: - building reinstatement; fire and perils; lift engineering; public liability; employer/employee liability; directors and officers; alternative accommodation cover.
  • Liaise with insurance provider/broker in procuring cover on the basis of appropriate professional advice.
  • Liaise with the insurance provider/broker on renewal of all policies, as directed by the OMC.
  • Preparation of insurance claims on behalf of the OMC and/or its members under the OMC's relevant policy when requested by the OMC.
  • Negotiation of premium payment schedule with insurance provider/ broker.
  • To record and receive insurance settlements on behalf of the OMC.
  • To notify the insurers of interested parties as advised.

5. Estate Management:

  • To identify, on an annual basis, all maintenance and possible refurbishment programmes including fire safety and other equipment, for consideration by the OMC.
  • To arrange delivery of planned maintenance as decided by the OMC (including contractors whose engagement did not involve the Agent).
  • Conduct weekly visual inspections to identify visible reactive repairs and renewals and other items where the planned maintenance is inadequate.
  • To arrange delivery of unplanned maintenance and renewals as required.
  • Monitor contractors to ensure the contracted services are delivered to specification (including contractors whose engagement did not involve the Agent).
  • Provide access to prospective contractors to the development to enable comprehensive tenders to be completed
  • To maintain the OMC's equipment inventory/asset register.
  • To keep safe any warranties or guarantees.
  • Compile work schedule for janitor/caretaker and oversee the work.

6. Procurement of Services on behalf of the OMC:

  • Cleaning services for external and internal common areas.
  • Window cleaning services both internally and externally in the common areas.
  • Grounds and landscaping maintenance services.
  • Periodic refuse collection and recycling services.
  • Servicing and maintenance for life & fire safety systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance for security systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance for electrical fittings and equipment.
  • Servicing and maintenance for mechanical fittings and equipment.
  • Vermin and pest control services.
  • Electrical and plumbing services including after hours emergency services.
  • Servicing and maintenance of water and sewage pumps.
  • Servicing, maintenance and periodic inspections of lifts.
  • Servicing and maintenance of all electronic access gates/doors.
  • Accountant to prepare OMC's company accounts.
  • Auditor to audit and certify the OMC's accounts.
  • Solicitor for legal representation.
  • Relevant professionals to assist in the identification of planned maintenance, refurbishment and improvement works and the sinking fund.
  • Relevant professionals to advise on reinstatement value for insurance purposes.
  • Health & Safety expert to advise on management, maintenance and inspections of complex.
  • Relevant professionals to advise on maintenance and renewal of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Financial advisor to advise on investment options for the OMC's funds, in particular the sinking fund.
  • Relevant professional to prepare Fire Safety Strategy & Management.
  • Annual sterilisation of water tanks.

7. Emergency Services - Electrical:

  • Lighting Failure.
  • Electrical Equipment failure.
  • Mains Failure.

8. Emergency Services - Plumbing:

  • Water Leaks.
  • Water Pump Faults.
  • Mains Failure.

9. Emergency Services - Lifts:

  • Person Entrapped in Lift.
  • Lift Failure.

10. Emergency Services - Safety/Security:

  • Security/Fire Alarm Activation.
  • Access Door/Gate Failure or Damage.
  • Break-in/Security Incident.
  • Injury or Accident in Common Areas.

11. Emergency Services - Miscellaneous:

  • Vandalism.
  • Glazing Repairs.
  • Storm Damage.