We at Open Agency are turning property management on its head. We want people to rethink what it is a property management company can do for them. Imagine if your property management company enhanced your environment, your community, your life!

On a practical level, it is Open Agency's mission to reduce property management fees, increase levels of service and professionalism, while adding new and innovative ideas to help create vibrant and happy communities for all our customers. At Open Agency we believe a property manager should do more than simply perform its duties to the most impeccable standards - that goes without saying! It should also bring added benefits and become a valued member of any community it has the opportunity to work for.

Sometimes, it's not just what you do - but it's the way that you do it. The core principles at Open Agency are openness, customer service and community spirit...

Open & Transparent
Open Agency has no affiliation with any builders, developers or service providers. We strive to empower residents and gain your trust through openness, transparency and reliability. Our customers, as our employers, have open access to all information regarding their Owners' Management Company. Open Agency does not dictate to its customers - it is with detailed consultation with all residents' and committees that service and budgetary parameters are set. There are no hidden agendas – we simply work to ensure our customers obtain the level of service they request.

Customer Service
It's simple - at Open Agency we know the customer is always right! To us, great customer service involves:

Prompt Communication
If not immediately contactable, we have a 24 hour maximum response-time policy.

Professional Conduct
We treat all customer matters with consistency and discretion.

Taking The Extra Step
By providing added services such as online community noticeboards and DIY tips!

Regardless of or 'job description' as managing agent, we will seek to help our customers wherever possible.

The key to solving any difficulty is gathering and understanding all the information.

Community Spirit
At the heart of all happy and functioning communities is community spirit. It is Open Agency's aim to nurture and support community spirit. We lead by example through the organisation of events such as; open days, street fetes, children's art competitions and facilitating the set-up of local clubs and societies. Our involvement with local charity COPE Galway also gives ample opportunity for the organisation of entertaining fundraising events. Of course, we always welcome fun and imaginative ideas!

And of course, we do all this with a friendly smile!

Community Gardening Day sponsored by Open Agency.

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